In-Store & On-Site Services

Network down? Computer running slow, maybe not at all? We are here to get you back up quickly and efficiently. Our technicians will come to your home or office, saving you the time and hassle of having to disconnect your system and bring it elsewhere. Below is a list of the services we offer. Schedule an appointment today for on-site service. Or if you would like, you can bring your computer to our store in O'Fallon.

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Service Call Fees The following fees will be applied in addition to the hourly rates in the chart below. The hourly rates reflect residential rates, business rates are $85/hr.

Local Residential - $35
     Out-of-Area Residential - $70
Local Business - $50
     Out-of-Area Business - $100

Virus / Spyware / Malware Removal & PC Tune-Up

   PC Optimization (increases overall performance and improves startup time) $79 $65/hr
   Virus, Spyware, & Malware Removal (includes PC Optimization and FREE Anti-Virus software) $99 Flat Rate* $149*
   Install Antivirus Software (software not included, does not include virus removal or repair) $29 $65/hr

Software Services

   Install Software (individually) $29 $65/hr
   Uninstall software (individually) $29 $65/hr
   Install Antivirus updates $29 $65/hr
   Install Windows updates $49 $65/hr
   New Operating System Install (software not included) $79 $65/hr
   Repair / Reinstall Operating System $79 $65/hr


   Wireless Network Setup $49** $65/hr
   Add to an Existing Network $49 $65/hr
   Broadband Service Setup n/a $65/hr
   Network Storage Device Setup $79 $65/hr
   Setup a Dial-up Service $49 $65/hr
   Network an Entertainment Equipment (Slingbox, Consoles, etc.) n/a $65/hr

Hardware Services

   Memory Install (memory not included) FREE $65/hr
   Hard Drive Install (hard drive and software not included) $29 $65/hr
   Video Card Install (video card not included) $29 $65/hr
   DVD/CD Drives (drives not included) $29 $65/hr
   Network Card/TV Tuner Card Install (card not included) $29 $65/hr
   Desktop Motherboard Swap (motherboard not included) $79-$99*** n/a
   Laptop Motherboard Swap (motherboard not included) $99-$149*** n/a
   Laptop DC Jack Repair (DC Jack not included) $149 n/a

Website Services

   Design Please Call n/a
   Add To and Maintain an existing website Please Call n/a

Maintenance, Customization and Troubleshooting

   Dust out case $10 $65/hr
   Basic Desktop Diagnostic (software & hardware related problems) $29**** $65/hr
   Advanced Desktop Diagnostic (software & hardware related problems) $49-$79**** $65/hr
   Laptop Diagnostic (hardware related problems) $29-$99**** $65/hr
   PC Optimization (increases overall performance and decreases boot time) $79 $65/hr
   Data Transfer/Backup $49-$99 $65/hr
   Data Recovery $49-$99 $65/hr
   PC Setup and System Customization $99 $65/hr
   Test Parts (hard drives, motherboards, power supplies, etc) $20/part $65/hr
   Consultation Analysis n/a $65/hr

Virus / Spyware / Malware Removal
* In-Store - Virus Removal includes a FREE System Optimization & Free Anti-Virus Software! This is a flat-rate service, no hidden fees.
* On-Site - $149 total for first hour, $65/hr thereafter.

Network Setup
** Need help going wireless? We're here to get you up & running! Setup includes configuration of modem, router, and 2 computers.

Motherboard Swap
*** Motherboard swaps usually require a repair installation of the operating system. Data backup will be an additional charge if needed.

Diagnostic Fees
**** Diagnostic fee will be waived if you decide to have service work performed at our store.

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