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SYS Cleanup Tool

    This program will make your computer perform just as fast as it did when you bought it from the factory or better. This very easy to use program walks you though 5 simple steps with detailed instructions. Within minutes your computer will be running the way it was meant to. This program will clean ALL problems your system may have due to virus related issues. You will enjoy using your computer again without the continued frustration of being slow. The best part is, you can use this program whenever you need to, as many times as you would like. Never have a slow computer again!

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Hijacked Browser?

   Does this look familiar? No problem, our Cleanup Tool will definitely help!!

Free up viewing space...

   Whether you have a hijacked browser or maybe you have 3 or 4 toolbars running, Cleanup Tool will get rid of them!! They are useless to have running and just waste valuable viewing space.

Download Latest Version 8.03.
Uploaded on 7/10/10
Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/64bit

SYS Shredder

   SYS Shredder is a powerful utility used to securely delete any file, folder or free space on your hard drive. It exceeds the Department of Defense (DoD) standard by writing zeros over existing data up to 10,000 times if specified by the user. The DoD requires zero's to be written only 7 times.
   Once this data has been shredded, it can never be recovered. There is no way of putting files back together when they have been written to several times with zeros. Be sure that you no longer need the data you choose to shred when using this program.

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   Simply deleting your files on your hard drive is not enough anymore. There are many programs available that can easily recover deleted files. SYS Shredder will permanently destroy any file or folder that you choose by simply dragging and dropping them into the shredder. You specify how many times you would like the file to be written to and Shred!! Each file/folder selected will be opened, completely wiped out with zeros, and then closed. Then, SYS Shredder renames the file or folder with a random name, 50-100 characters long. This process is repeated as many times as you specify up to 10,000 times!! The DoD only requires 7 passes to fully cover the allocated space that a file may be occupying.

Download Latest Version 8.60.
Uploaded on 7/10/10
Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/64bit

SYS KeyLogger Pro

   SYS KeyLogger Pro is a powerful application used to monitor and record every keystroke typed on your computer. It will allow you to view where others have been on the internet, what usernames and passwords they are using, and every conversation they have. Very useful to keep an eye on your teens, before they get into trouble.
   The program stays COMPLETELY hidden from Windows and can only be accessed by pressing a series of hotkey's. By default the hotkey combination is CTRL, ALT & F12. This can be changed from the options window.

Download Latest Version 4.603.
Uploaded on 6/2/2012
Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/64bit
If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, you will need to Install This First for KeyLogger Pro to work properly.

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Click image for larger view.

    Program Features:

    [+] Starts automatically when you boot your computer.
    [+] Completely hidden from all users.
    [+] Configurable Hotkey's to display program from hiding.
    [+] Logs EVERY keystroke including special characters such as CTRL, ALT, F12, etc.
    [+] Even logs windows that have not been typed in, that have only been viewed.
    [+] Supports a selectable range of dates to view or delete.
    [+] Specify how far in the past to keep data before it is purged from the log file.
    [+] Fully adjustable Timestamp Sensitivity for more or less detail in the log.
    [+] Easily change the name of the hidden process from within the program.

    Useful Scenarios:

    [+] Keep a close watch on employees.
    [+] Find out what your children are doing online.
    [+] Ease your suspicions of a spouse or loved one.
    [+] Great for control freaks who must know everything that is taking place on their computer.
    [+] Can be used as a backup system in the event of a program crash or computer lockup.


   SYS PC Wipe will remove unwanted temporary files left over by Windows as well as temporary internet files and much more.

Download Latest Version 2.20.
Always 100% free.
Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/64bit

Popup Killer

    Quickly and easily manage annoying popup's with this program. View all the processes running on your system and choose whether or not they should run by double-clicking them. If you get a new popup while surfing the internet just add it to the 'block' list and you will never see it again. It's free and available for download below:

Download Latest Version 2.01
Always 100% free.
Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/64bit

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Send IP

    Runs in your system tray. Sends your current IP address to every 2 hours. You can login to this site from anywhere to view all of your computers IP addresses. It's free and available for download below:

Download Latest Version 2.03
Always 100% free.
Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/64bit

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Synology Cloud Station Backup Client

    Client program provide by Synology. Allows for backup and synchronization of files between client and server.

Download for PC
Download for Mac

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